Media Studies BTEC

Media BTEC is an exciting course which will allow students to harness both their academic and creative sides and engage in a course which is predominantly coursework based with an external examination. 

The course will require students to critically analyse media texts, research into audiences and relevant industries and to produce their own texts based on their research, planning, production and post production. 

The course will allow students to explore the varied media and film industries and create moving image texts which they will submit as part of their coursework assessment and that will form the basis of their portfolio which they can use for university degree applications and a career in the media industry.

Course Content

  • 4 Internally Assessed Coursework Units 
  • 1 Externally Assessed Examination 


  • Camera, lighting, editing and sound techniques  

  • Film, TV Drama, music videos, news broadcasting and documentary

The aim of the course is to give students the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the digital film and video production sector. The qualification will support students to develop practical skills through pre-production, production, and post-production tasks, as well as more transferable skills like research, analysis, communication, organisation and self-reflection; whilst also nurturing creativity and storytelling. 

How does the BTEC work? There are 4 internally assessed units centered on camera, lighting and editing techniques. Here students will be trained in our fully equipped studio and editing suites. These skills are then applied to a final film based around an industry style brief. There is also one external examination which brings together all the skills learnt over the 2 year course which is sat in Year 13. 

Looking Further Ahead

  • The practical skills young people learn during a BTEC will also be attractive to apprenticeships, creative and corporate graduate schemes and internships, as well as entry level jobs. Our students go on to further study at elite universities where they engage in a wide range of Media Studies related degrees such as Television and Film Production, Digital Media, Media and Communication, Marketing.