Music Scholarship

Music Scholarship

A Music Scholarship is currently awarded to students showing strong musical ability and potential and entitles the recipient to a percentage reduction in school fees for the period of tenure. Scholarships are intended to assist with the cost of individual music lessons, as provided by the Royal Russell School Visiting Music Staff at school. Pupils are expected to attend a weekly lesson in School with a member of the Royal Russell School Visiting Music Staff unless prior arrangements have been agreed with the Director of Music.

Pupils holding Music Scholarships will be encouraged to maintain their commitment to music throughout their time in the school and we offer a programme of annual reviews with the Director of Music to reflect on musical progress in the past year and to set challenges for the year ahead.

Music Scholarships are available from Year 7 through to the Sixth Form and are reviewed annually. They are valid throughout the candidate’s school career provided that the recipient (‘s):

  • is involved in a continuous regular programme of instrumental/vocal lessons with a member of the Royal Russell Senior School Visiting Music Staff

  • is making constructive use of the lessons provided and a significant level of practice between lessons is apparent

  • is playing an active role in musical events organised by the Music Department.  All instrumentalists are expected to be a regular member of the School Orchestra and attend all related rehearsals and performances as a priority

  • parents are paying for the lessons as charged by the Visiting Music Staff on a termly basis payable in advance

  • parents adhere to all normal terms in relation to fees being met as usual

In the unlikely event of wishing to withdraw pupils from instrumental lessons, parents are requested to give the Head of Music a half term’s written notice or they will be liable for a half term’s fees in lieu. 

By the time of their initial audition, our normal expectations for candidates for a Music Scholarship will be at the following grades on their chosen instrument, or performing pieces to the equivalent standard:

  • for entry in Year 7             Grade 3

  • for entry in Year 9             Grade 5

  • for entry in Year 12           Grade 6

The relevant mark sheets must be provided to support this achievement at the time of the audition. 

How do I apply?

Please note: Registrations, scholarship applications, and bursary applications for September 2024 places have now closed. For further assistance, please contact

Candidates meeting our normal requirements will be required to attend an audition with the Director of Music who will consider their skills and potential. The audition will include a practical performance, sight reading and aural tests.  Candidates must always bring two copies of their music to the audition. One of these copies will be the piano accompaniment if the candidate wishes to be accompanied on the piano. (We are able to provide accompaniment if required.)

Potential candidates who have not obtained the required standard, and still feel they may be worthy of a scholarship, will be required to attend a short pre-audition in order for a member of the School’s music department to decide whether they show enough potential to go through to the main audition.

All applications require supporting documentary evidence including letters from the candidate’s current school and music teachers.  Attendance at audition will not guarantee a successful application.

Following the auditions, successful candidates will receive a scholarship offer conditional upon their performance in the academic entrance exam in January.

We recognise, however, that children develop at different rates and unsuccessful applicants will be encouraged to reapply when appropriate.

For more information about Music Scholarships click here.

Music Sholarship
Music Scholarship