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I am delighted that you are considering Royal Russell for your child.  Royal Russell is different by design.  We are a family school which means we value the things which make each of us distinctively brilliant.  Royal Russell’s school motto is ‘non sibi sed omnibus’ which translates as ‘not for oneself, but for all’.  Our commitment to each other is to help every member of our community strive for their vision of success.  Our happy, vibrant and ambitious community provides our pupils with an exceptional educational experience; with the pupil right at the heart.  

I relish the challenge of teaching and love learning itself. I have learnt so much from the different environments I have worked in, both from my colleagues and the pupils in my care. In the classroom, I am thrilled by curiosity and discovery. Teaching is not imparting your own knowledge, it is about inspiring young minds to want to learn, develop and grow. Moving into leadership positions, I have remained focused on my time in the classroom and see this as a crucial, and enjoyable, part of my role. 

The proudest moments in my career have always been the successes of children. Sometimes it’s the little things: doing something for the first time, having the confidence to approach a challenge in a new way or simply persevering when something has been particularly tough. You never get tired of seeing a child achieve something they did not think they could. 

Academic progress, stimulated through curiosity and challenge, will, and should, always form an important part of what schools provide. However, there is a huge need to understand that childhood has changed so much since many parents were children themselves. The pressure on young people to live their lives under the scrutiny of social media is intense. Pupil welfare and awareness of mental health have, quite rightly, come to the forefront of the educational debate and schools also have a responsibility to support young people as they prepare to enter a world which can often seem quite uncertain. There is no exact formula to getting this right in school or at home, but what is key is establishing and maintaining deliberate and purposeful communication between home and school that places the child at the centre of a supportive community with their best interests at heart. 

I am proud to lead such a successful and well-regarded Junior School as Royal Russell and work with an amazing team of teaching and support staff and I look forward to celebrating the school’s continued success with parents and pupils. 

John Evans
Junior School Headmaster 

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