Curriculum Assistance Programme

The Curriculum Assistance Programme (CAP) will be provided within the timetabled curriculum at Key Stage 4. Students can opt for a reduced curriculum either by withdrawing from a particular subject area or a GCSE option block. Later admissions, after Year 10 has begun, will be considered by the CAP Panel and follow the CAP entry requirements procedure of teacher/tutor/parent/student request and consultation. If the CAP panel subsequently decide that the need for CAP is genuine, discreet provision for belated entry to the Programme may be obtained.

CAP will occur in small groups, perhaps of mixed year groups, where the teacher will provide suitable differentiated activities/tasks to support their learning in the targeted subject areas. Initial activities in the first few weeks cover:

  • Student self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses by subject and by skills
  • Know your current learning mind-set (and how to change it if you need to)
  • Know your preferred learning style(s) (and how to develop others).

Other activities will aim to:

  • Consolidate and increase subject specific knowledge and understanding
  • Develop appropriate generic and subject specific skills
  • Improve literacy and numeracy
  • Encourage the regular use of study skills and time management
  • Develop the use of independent research skills
  • Construct realistic revision timetables and manage the revision workload for exam classes
  • Develop better exam techniques
  • Support students in the completion of homework and coursework
  • Build confidence and self-esteem.

Time is increasingly provided for students to complete assignments in their main curriculum subjects with the CAP teacher present and available to offer any assistance required. The CAP teacher will continue to monitor progress, liaise with subject staff and feedback to parents and students throughout the academic year.

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