Drama and Theatre Studies A Level

Studying Drama and Theatre Studies at A level is not just for those who wish to act or read Drama at university. Key life skills are developed such as a confidence in presenting, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively and becoming adept at problem solving and team work.

This is, of course, alongside the many subject specific benefits: acting skill and knowledge, the development of historical and cultural changes from the Greeks to modern day and how they have influenced theatre. Alongside a diverse and varied knowledge of practitioners and influential theatre companies.

The syllabus aims to encourage candidates to:

  • Develop their interest and enjoyment in Drama and Theatre both as participants, and as informed members of the audience
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the significance of social, cultural and historical influences on the development of Drama and Theatre throughout history
  • Experience a range of opportunities to develop a variety of practical skills, through workshops and live theatre visits whilst
  • Integrate theory and practice through their understanding of critical concepts and the use of specialist terminology


Course Content

Looking Further Ahead

Whichever path a student chooses to follow, an employer or university will recognise the importance of A level Drama because of the transferable skills it offers. Students develop the confidence to speak and present in front of others and work effectively and creatively in a team as well as having a broad social, cultural and historical knowledge base.